Monday, September 8, 2008

well it's been a while

So China was alright. I worked a lot. Everyone seems so excited to ask me how it was, and really, I didn't do much aside from hang out in an office, get driven to the house and back to the office, got sick, and got drunk once. The real highlight of my last two weeks was going here with my mom. We packed all our clothes and some food on our backs and made it up a 14k hike (and got a little lost) up to the cabin. It was beautiful and quiet, and the food was excellent.

I'm back at home now and getting used to not having Dana around all the time. It's weird but I've had time to keep my apartment impeccably clean for more than a day.

I went to a company golf tournament on Friday, and even though it was my second time golfing in my life, I won "Ladies' Longest Putt"! The prize was a $150 travel voucher for our travel agent! Hello New York!

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