Tuesday, September 23, 2008

not a good idea

I've been trying to kick my coffee habit. I commend those who have quit hard drugs because I'm finding that this is HARD to do, and it's just fucking coffee. I endured several days of headaches and poor moods (being sick then having two long days of yoga helped, however). Today, I joined Chris for a trip to Starbucks and indulged in a tall dark roast.

I feel like I am on speed. I expect to crash and burn in 1.5 hours (give or take).

On the plus side, I've been quite productive. Or at least I think so. It could be like getting real drunk then coming home and drawing. You may think it kicks ass at the moment, but when you wake up dry-mouthed and nauseous, last night's masterpiece looks like it was completed by an 8 year old's non-dominant hand.

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