Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Read this post in reverse. I'm going back in time.

Wow, it's been a month?

Well, for starters I didn't make it to Austin. My passport was stuck in Dutch-visa-land and wasn't sent when I was told it was supposed to be sent. Loads of tears and phone calls ensued, and I had to cancel. I was so disappointed. Rachelle was disappointed. It cost too much to change my plane ticket to come a day later, and I had no idea if my passport was even going to arrive the following day (which it did, visa and everything). I guess on the plus side I had a weekend of lying around, which has been nonexistent for months now (I can't think of the last time I've had a weekend without anything planned), and I still have a flight credit that I will use to go to Austin, probably around Christmas time.

The previous weekend I spent in Saskatoon. I visited my Grandparents, Aunt, and Uncle. It was nice, chill, with lots of great food and convo. Gma made my favorite, ribs and saskatoon berry pie. We walked and rode bikes around the river, and visited my uncle's family at their cabin before driving home.

For August long weekend (we're going back in time more here), and half of the week, my mom and I headed to Shadow Lake Lodge. We were blessed with beautiful weather, a day of rain, then a cool day. Met people from all over the world.

Before THAT I had my last days of work, and a going-away party in Edmonton full of general Whyte avenue debauchery, however I managed to reasonably pace myself and was able to drive the three hours to Calgary without wanting to fall asleep at the wheel.

So here I am now, DAYS (oh my god) away from the move day. Everything is in place. I have my visa. My car has appointments to get minor repairs done for it to be sold when I'm gone. I've packed, repacked, unpacked, packed some more, then plan to repack again when Dana arrives in Calgary. Friends are coming into town to see me off, and more friends and family are gathering on Saturday for a last big hurrah until Christmas time.
I'm looking forward to this weekend so much, and to everything past it, when every experience is new.
I will miss everyone here SO MUCH, but there is far too much to look forward to, to be nostalgic. Those close to me will still be there, and as Dana says, I'm just broadening my territory.