Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chipping away

More news on the moving front.

Shortly after the last update I drove down to Edmonton International Airport and picked up Dana. It was such a cheerful reunion and I am so glad to have my buddy back. After living apart for close to a year we've both developed various habits and routines that are different from what we left with, and thus have spent the last week getting used to each other again, and for me at least, getting used to someone being in my space. Probably a combination of my somewhat introverted-ness and growing up an only child (plus never having roommates), I find it quite foreign having someone stay with me. I find myself feeling very protective of my things, my routines, and my solitude. Living with Dana I have to learn to let things go and allow some change and flexibility without feeling irked. This process is going quite fine. I think I'm adjusting well. I hope he feels like he's adjusting well living with someone who's a little more particular than he is.

I have my visa application appointment at the Dutch Consulate on Thursday, and everything I need is slowly trickling in. My ticket is purchased, I just need the confirmation and itinerary (thanks Dad!). My authenticated birth certificate (thanks Chris and Ali!) should arrive tomorrow (or else heads will roll at Canada Post). I have money in the bank, and will get proof of this tomorrow. At the same time, I will purchase health insurance. I have a Dutch address and phone number to put on my application (thanks Luke!). I have my passport, and passport photos (in which I look hideous).

I booked a ticket to Austin! To visit my cousin Rachelle. Apparently she has the weekend all planned out for us, including a trip to the Junk Cathedral, runs along Town Lake, probably a museum or gallery, loads of live music, Mexican food, Texas Barbecue, and other weird Austin things that she finds for me. Times with Rachie are always so much fun, as she is a goof and one of my best friends.

we have fun

Looking at the calender for next week, I realized that I'm finished work next week! Time flies.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Holy... what am I doing?

I have such trouble putting things into words. Ideas and thoughts and all sorts of stuff float around in my head all day but when I sit down and try to write or type them out, I freeze. I can't recall anything I wanted to write about or express. This is my current challenge, and I figure to get past this block I should write about that very topic. I think if I keep writing something of value will come out.

I want to make an effort to record the next while in my life, as it's a major transition. I've sold my condo, I'm leaving my furniture, dishes, whatever else behind. Saying goodbye to not only my friends in Edmonton, but in Calgary and Vancouver. And to my family. Although I haven't lived in the same city as them for six years now, I've never been far from them, and always in the same time zone. I'm leaving the culture I am familiar with. The wide roads, giant parking lots, chain restaurants, half-ton trucks, hockey and what North Americans call football. English signage and familiar stores.

I'm moving to the Netherlands.

I'm sort of surprised I'm going through with it. It's so easy to feel comfortable and just fall back on the familiar, then settling for fantasies of doing something crazy and daring. Sometimes I think "what am I getting myself into?" but for the most part I know that if I stay where I am I will accomplish nothing, just become stagnant. I have every ounce of faith in the universe that while it might be a wild ride at times, everything will turn out fine. I'm sure my heart has never beat so fast for so long ever in my life, as it has in the past month or so (and will in the month to come) whenever I think about moving.

There is so much to do, I am so scared, but so excited!