Tuesday, April 28, 2009

woah look at that!

So no post about Mexico. I got lazy. Too much to write. Too far in the past for me to have any interest in it. Maybe some day, but don't count on it. Most people have heard the story already.

I feel like I should write in this more, but life is so stagnant right now. I am so ready for a major change (ie moving to the Netherlands) it's not funny, and it's coming, but I'm unfortunately stuck in this shitty limbo situation right now waiting for it to happen.

A cure to much of my frustration is getting an interview for my masters degree with the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The date for the interview arrives (at 4:30am, nonetheless, which is half past noon dutch-time), and after a night of hardly any sleep waiting for their call, the interview gets bumped. It's rescheduled for next Wednesday, which is great. I just hope it's not bumped again. If it is, I'll go back to reconsidering Plan B, being moving to Eindhoven to work then looking at grad school at a later date and possibly different location.

My immune system has been crap this year. One possible reason for this could be the reintroduction of meat into my diet. When I stopped eating meat I hardly got sick, and since February I've caught pretty much every bug that's come around. It's also possible that my immune system is beated down by the stress and frustration of working two jobs (one of which I really dislike), packing to sell my apartment, saving money, and training for a half marathon. This stress and frustration has caused me to grind my teeth at night, subconciously clench my jaw and fists, and my period to be two weeks late.

Hence the desire for a major life change. I should have just left everything and moved over months ago. But what's done is done and I have to just stick this through.

In recent, non-complaining news I recently went to Vancouver and had some fun. Especially at The Presets concert. Dana came to Canada for a week and that was nice, although we both got sick and were busy running around to the bank (him) and work (me).
So. Much. Fun!