Monday, February 9, 2009

Places I Don't Plan on Eating at Again

Wok Box
Tofu that isn't burnt shouldn't taste burnt. Low on sauce and flavor. Constant source of disappointment.
Badass Jack's
Not as bad as Wok Box, but why should I pay 6 - 7$ for a wrap mainly consisting of peas, corn, and bean sprouts? Aren't those the cheapest vegetables available? Shouldn't there be falafel in here too, swimming in the crappy veggies and weird thai sauce? Also disappointing.
If the dish is mostly containing oil, it probably shouldn't be eaten. If you don't know what it is, it probably shouldn't be eaten. Most food in China breaks these two cardinal rules, and I've consumed more than enough of it in the past couple years. Less disappointing, more frightening.


Chris said...

Places I don't plan on eating again: China.

Victoria said...

Ohhh I forgot about China. Gross.