Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Green and Greedy

Have you heard?
New Orleans is totally fixed!

This got me thinking, and a little depressed. Here I am, designing (well, sort of, helping design is more accurate) houses for people with money to purchase to ease their ecological guilt with a company that is so high on themselves they fail to see their obvious hypocrisies (like locating themselves in an area in the city that is hard to get to by everyone, constantly asking to print things, loosing them, and having to print them again, to name a couple). Meanwhile, there are displaced families living in third world conditions in our neighboring nation.

Why are we doing what we're doing? Does we really need an ecological suburb? Does that sentence even make sense?! WTF, an ecological suburb. Why not retrofit or replace homes in New Orleans with carbon neutral models and foster sustainable community re-development, just off the top of my head? Or, if that's too much for you, pick a run down community within the city and retrofit that? I don't understand this whole green movement, coming up with all these fancy NEW products, when we can really make do with what we have, reworking the old into new.

I feel a little guilty ranting about this while I'm supposed to be working, but hey, apparently everything runs on hypocrisy these days.

In totally unrelated news, I just saw a woman walk by outside, then stop and beat on a section of ice with a set of pliers.

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