Friday, July 18, 2008


So I got a job! I'm serving at Bacon part time. I love it so far. I get to interact with people and be on my feet (I realized I need some comfier shoes) instead of in front of a computer. Since it's only part time I'm still looking for design work but I think there's something around the corner.

I've recently developped a cold. I blame the weather and my staying-up-too-late. I think my body is telling me to stop drinking till the wee hours of the morn. I think I will.

I have two boxes in my place full of stuff that I don't use but can't throw away. Things like journals, sketchbooks, postcards, plane and concert tickets, etc. The past few days I've been going through these boxes and trying to do something creative with the contents. It's a very interesting process.
Today I made a box out of these notebooks that my friends and I shared in grade six to write notes to each other in class. I read through these notebooks, and man, we created some serious dramatics out of every day life. Boys, broken hearts, betrayal, lies, wow. I think it takes a certain amount of creativity to be able to create such dramatics. The perfect storm of childhood imagination and pre-pubescent emotions.
I also found an old journal of my mom's which made me get all emotional. It's weird to have this sort of insight into her. She has a very analytical approach to difficult situations, I've discovered. There's all sorts of lists, charts, rating systems, etc to help her express and deal with stress. It's a little sad, I wish she shared more of these things with me when she was going through them, but I don't even know if I would've understood. There were good things in there too, so I cut out the bad. The bad is in the past, and as it's helped shape who she is now (which is a better, happier person than before), it's of benefit to no one that is remains existing. I also stuck in little other notes and sketches she did that I found. It's now my record of her. Maybe some sort of gathering of forensics, sort of, because she's a tough one to figure out.

My apartment's in bad need of reorganizing and redecorating, so I've been quite addicted to these sites lately for inspiration.

Any suggestions from those who've been to my place?

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