Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few changes to life.

So two weeks after starting Bacon (which I really enjoyed btw), I'm not working there any more. Why? Not sure. Not important. I still love the place and the people to death and it was a fun two weeks.
Coincidently, my design world was reawakened by a new job at Carbon Busters (designing, 3D and architectural modeling) and by good ol' priMED. Those kids just can't get enough of me. They're even sending me to China for 10 days. I will most likely leave the day after Dana leaves me for the Netherlands and get back, flying in through Calgary, the DAY BEFORE I have to hike my way up a mountain with a large backpack. Fuck. I had planned this backpacking trip for quite a while now, priMED springs a trip on me, and Bossman acts all irritated about my time constraints. Here is what transpired:
"When are you available to go?"
"Well I have to be back for the long weekend, I have this backpacking trip planned, deposits paid, everything. So I want to be able to have a day to recover from the flight inbetween and drive to Calgary, then we hike out on the Saturday."
Annoyed face from bossman
"How about we fly you to Calgary on the Friday?"
"Thursday would be better. I would really like a day to rest."
Still annoyed look.
Other people sitting with us chime in "One extra day in China isn't that big of a deal"
"Yeah, and I need to be hiking up a mountain, carrying all my possessions Saturday morning."
"You're strong. You'll be fine."


I also have a feeling that I didn't ask for a high enough wage from them. They jumped too quickly on my offer (I hadn't even finished my sentence... I gave them the industry standard for my skill level, and got interrupted before I could say "But since this is a two month contract I would like more than that"). I'm not going to worry about it though because what's done is done.

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