Monday, July 7, 2008

fire and water

How cheesy does that sound? Ha!

But it's true. The past few days have been filled with both.
I had an interview at Bacon on Friday, but the manager had to run out so I had to talk to some other girl and I don't know if I've got the job yet. I'm calling them today. I also scorched the front of my neck (prime hickey territory) with a curling iron minutes before I had to leave for the interview as well, which was awesome. Now I have an "acute triangle" on the front-right side of my neck.

Friday was also Dana's birthday. I got him a journal, some pictures that I had ordered from a professional photographer taken at the Vancouver 1/2 marathon, and a double flask resembling binoculars. No more sock beers for us! Only binocubeers!
We invited a bunch of people over for a fire but got rained out for a while at the beginning, so Dana and I took his skate downstairs and I tore up my shoe (a little black flat) doing ollies. This impressed me because a) I haven't skated in about... three years? and b) I was in girly shoes.
Once the skies cleared up we rocked a fire in Dana's mobile fire pit (a drier drum on a retired lawnmower), and burned anything wood we could find. We even took it for a walk down the alley (against Jeff's incoherent protests, haha).

The next day Ruth and I had a lovely time at the downtown farmer's market, eating cupcakes and tacos and any free samples we walked by. Right as we parted ways the sky decided to open up and unleash a monsoon on top of me as I walked home. I scurried for shelter but still managed to get soaked. Like, SOAKED, as if someone sprayed me with a firehose. It cleared up as quickly as it came on and I made it home to dry off.
Then yesterday I managed to get caught in the rain AGAIN, but this time it was in the middle of a 9k run, right after I turned around to head home. This time there was no where to hide, and the rain wasn't as had but I still ended up dripping wet.

I'm really glad today is sunny.

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