Tuesday, August 12, 2008

small crisis big crisis

I've discovered why one should properly eject an ipod... just pulling it out will freeze everything, corrupt your files, and if you do it enough times, let's say... three times, your ipod is toast and will have to be 'restored'. Such is the case with mine. I got as much music as I could off there, but not everything, including all the music I got off of other people's computers. It's been the backup drive for all my school, work, and some photos (some of last years Europe videos ended up a little corrupt). It's strange to think I have to clear EVERYTHING off. Like I said, I've saved what I could. This is my small crisis of this week. On the bright side, I've got a fresh new ipod!

The big crisis is, Dana's moving in less than a week. Bummer.

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