Monday, August 18, 2008


This morning I said bye to my baby as he starts his adventures in Eindhoven, Netherlands. I'm trying hard not to think of his absence, but focusing on when I'll see him in October and all the fun we'll have when I visit. This helps a lot.
Last night we stayed at his parent's house and hung out with them, Jacq and Tayber, all downloading Skype and installing their new webcams that Doug bought for everyone. It's funny seeing three people sitting in a circle, chatting on Skype to each other. Goofs.

Peng (one of Dana's cats) had been missing for a few days, we figured he had sensed something and taken off but still didn't give up efforts to find him. Last night a large thunderstorm rolled through, so Dana and I decided to head back to his house to see if Peng had decided to come home. And sure enough, after calling his name for five minutes, Dana found a very wet, scared Penger under his neighbor's car. He was happy to get inside and see us and his brother Ninja, although Ninja wasn't the happiest about Peng's return. I'll miss those kitties, but I know their going to a good home.

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