Friday, May 30, 2008


So to answer Liane, no I don't have a job yet. There's a few things that look like possibilities, and each one of them sounds neat. I will more than likely work occasionally on the mask project from my old job as it's not completely done and I'm the key architect of that mask. A facial reconstruction place that my old work was talking about starting a project with has expressed interest in having me, as well as an architecture firm that I sent my resume to would be interesting. I would like to get experience in another field of work too. Having the lack of attention span that I have, I think I would enjoy doing consulting work for a few different projects. I would be able to charge out my time, work as much and as little as I would like, and make my own hours. More importantly, I would be able to be flexible enough to go out to Calgary, Vancouver, Mexico (for my cousin's wedding) and Eindhoven to visit Dana!

To celebrate my final day a few of us spent the hours between 4pm and 11pm drinking beer at a pub near work. Time just flew by. I had quite the hangover the next morning but after laying around for a while I walked down to the farmers market and bought a bunch of plants:
red leaf lettuce
basil, dill, chives, other stuff mix pot
"apple blossom" begonia
dark red impatiens
purple and yellow pansies
and I bought some dark red/green coleus the weekend before. It's a challenge planting anything on my balcony because it's mostly shade with just a bit of sun in the morning and late afternoon/evening, but I think everything will do well as long as I rotate the pots around to sunny areas. I also need to replant my aloe vera because it's getting too big for it's pot! I'm so proud.
The rest of my weekend was spent helping Bryna move, hanging out the Ivory Club watching birthday and bachelorette parties dance to dueling pianos (and being quite tired and cranky from over boozing myself the night before), then chilling at Dana's cabin with his parents this morning/early afternoon.

Now I am going to go for a run then meet up with Bryna and her mom. Fun!


Chris said...

Maria and I also had some nice headaches the next day, though her much worse than I. I can't believe we were there for almost 8 hours sitting in one spot haha.

Victoria said...

I know! I don't know if I should feel proud or ashamed. Next time we should go somewhere with better food, like sugarbowl or remedy. And maybe not 8 hours.
What are you doing friday? hahaha. I know you're already thinking about drinking.