Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have two days left at my job, including today. One thing that makes me a little sad is my notebook. I'm about 20 pages away from filling it, and it's so thick and heavy from adding in notes and papers. A few pages are wavy from spilling water on them and the spine is just about to fall apart. It has so much character now, I don't want to leave it behind (but I need to because it'll become part of a design history file).

Battles last night = amazing. Nice small, intimate show at Starlite with great sound and the sweatiest drummer in the land. He was dripping after the second song. I liked it better than the MIA show. Edmonton Event Center sucks and it was full of drunk 18 year old girls who thought MIA was an "East Indian Rapper Chick". uhh.... no. Get learned bitches! The amount of ignorance and complacency surrounding me these days is frustrating.
Back to more positive topics, I want to learn how to sample and mix music.

In other news.

And I find this interesting

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liane said...

battles was playing at sasquatch, but they overlapped with flight of the conchords, so I only saw a little bit but I can't wait until they come to Van again so I can see them in that setting. Do you know Ghostland Observatory? They also played sasquatch (and here the night after but I was way too pooped after three days of non-stop drinking and music-ing to go), aaand I think you'd like them.
Do you have a new job yet? (sorry, potentially worst question ever). If not you should come visit!