Friday, March 5, 2010


Some days you wake up and a small series of relatively insignificant events set the tone for the day.
Today the tone of the day was set from the emails I got when I got to work this morning. I had a nice email from my Grandparents saying they saw the project I worked on in Milan, and they enjoyed the fudge I sent them from Scotland. I also got an email of cute animals from Mom and a quick hello from cousin Michelle, including a naked picture of Burt Reynolds.
Good days always start with Burt Reynold's ass.


edge of uncertainty said...
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edge of uncertainty said...

well why didn't you say so?!! if it makes you that happy, your mother can send you rude pix and videos too, not just ones of cute animals!

luv you! :-)

C Leeuw said...

Is this from "The Longest Yard", about the football team in prison? If so, it's quite apt that his derriere be on full display.