Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy International Heavy Metal Day!

Now let's celebrate with watching one of my favorite metal videos of all time, She Rides by Danzig.


There are so many awesome parts of this video I don't know where to start.
Well, let's start with the beginning. It begins with a girls ass. There you go, right off the bat, you know it's gonna be a good'r.
Secondly, a close up of Danzig, so close in fact, that his face won't fit the frame. His seductive rocking to and fro suggests to the viewer of what one would experience having intercourse with Danzig. And seriously, who doesn't want to fuck a metal god? (I mean anti-god. Anti-christ. 666. \m/)

Other notable parts:
2:24 The chest puff. The ladies can't get enough of his manly torso.
2:49 Handcuffs
Then everything from 3:10 onwards is pure gold.

I used to have the album this song is off of, but some shitface stole it from me. Thanks, jerk.

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